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Andy Bell

Andy Bell

Andy Bell is a designer and front-end developer from the UK who founded Set Studio. He's worked in the design and web industries for over 15 years, and in that time, has worked with some of the largest organisations in the world like Google, Harley-Davidson, BSkyB, Unilever, The Natural History Museum, Oracle, Capita, Vice Media and the NHS.

In that time, he's worked on both extremely large projects for huge organisations and tiny projects for small startups, allowing him to refine his CSS authoring processes and also share that knowledge by co-authoring Every Layout and the Learn CSS course.

Andy Bell's Talk

Be the Browser’s Mentor, not Its Micromanager

Monday, 5th – 14:40

We look at how we can hint the browser, rather than micromanage it by leaning into progressive enhancement, CSS layout, fluid type & space and modern CSS capabilities to build resilient front-ends that look great for everyone, regardless of their device, connection speed or context.