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Ben Callahan

Ben Callahan

Sparkbox was founded in 2009 with a mission to build a better web. As President, Ben has helped lead and grow the organization while they work alongside clients like Gap, The Oklahoma City Thunder, and Stanford University.

He’s focused his energy most recently on developing a maturity model for design systems, articulating the anatomy of design systems, and chronicling his findings about workplace culture in the tech space. When not knee-deep in these explorations with others, Ben is a father, partner, poet, and home barista. His personal motto is, “Stay in learning mode” and this helps him to remember that every interaction is an opportunity to grow.

Ben Callahan's Talk

You have a Design System. Now What?

Tuesday, 6th – 12:15

Design systems have vast scopes and complexities—and no two are the same. That’s why establishing a collective vocabulary around design systems is key to unifying a team that can develop and mature a design system for long-term success. In this talk, Ben will present a perspective on how to gain real value from your design system based on years of research and experience. He'll offer a way to create a shared understanding inside your organization leading to a healthy systematic design practice.