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Christophe Porteneuve

Christophe Porteneuve

Christophe has been a professional web developer, trainer and speaker since 1995. A former Prototype.js core team member and contributor to Rails, Node.js and JS itself, he founded of Delicious Insights that provides kick-ass pro training Git, React / PWA, Node.js, vanilla JS. He lives near Paris with his wife Élodie and two sons.

Christophe Porteneuve's Talk

Things You Don’t Know about JavaScript in 2023

Tuesday, 5th – 12:15

Yes, okay, ES2015 rules, and ES2017–2022 brought about a lot of cool things (most notably async/await, async iteration, optional chaining, private members), but a ton of cool stuff is expected to land in the next few years, too… and we can play with it already!

Christophe takes you through a whirlwind tour of the upcoming features he’s most excited about, due to become official in 2023, 2024… or 2025 ;-)