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Christophe Porteneuve

Christophe Porteneuve

Christophe has been a professional web developer, trainer and speaker since 1995. A former Prototype.js core team member and contributor to Rails, Node.js and JS itself, he founded of Delicious Insights that provides kick-ass pro training Git, React / PWA, Node.js, vanilla JS. He lives near Paris with his wife Élodie and two sons.

Christophe Porteneuve's Talk

Things You Don’t Know about JavaScript in 2023

Yes, okay, ES2015 rules, and ES2017–2022 brought about a lot of cool things (most notably async/await, async iteration, optional chaining, private members), but a ton of cool stuff is expected to land in the next few years, too… and we can play with it already!

Christophe takes you through a whirlwind tour of the upcoming features he’s most excited about, due to become official in 2023, 2024… or 2025 ;-)