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José Torre

José Torre

Since 2006, José has been fortunate enough to say that he is paid to do what he loves: solving problems with design. After spending some years in the UK, the Netherlands, and Canada, he returned to his home country of Portugal, where he works on one of the most well-known design system teams in the world, Shopify Polaris.

In his spare time, he likes to reflect on his work by writing, drawing, and creating anything that can help him share his experiences. He believes that sharing knowledge is the key to personal growth.

José Torre's Talk

Uplifting A Large Scale Design System

Monday, 4th – 17:00

This talk peels back the curtain on the process of reimagining Shopify Polaris. José will share how his team sought inspiration from the real-world to create a design language that is not only functional, but also provides joy and feels highly satisfying.

Throughout the talk, you can expect to learn about the challenges and triumphs experienced along their journey, from ideating to securing stakeholder buy-in, and finally, launching the new design language in record time.

Beyond the process of coming up with a design direction, José will discuss the efforts that preceded this work that enabled a rapid and effective implementation in just 10 weeks. This talk will cover the smallest details, because they aren’t just details. They are what makes your product, and give your users superpowers to achieve their goals.