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Miriam Suzanne

Miriam Suzanne

Miriam is an artist, engineer, and open-web advocate. She’s a co-founder of OddBird, Invited Expert on the W3C CSS Working Group, and Sass core contributor who enjoys pushing the boundaries of web technology.

These days she’s working on specifications for Container Queries, Scope, and Cascade Layers in CSS; extending the Sass color module to support wide-gamut colors; and learning to crochet socks.

Miriam Suzanne's Talk

Containers, What Do They Know?

Tuesday, 5th – 15:50

How did container queries go from ‘impossible’ to ‘shipping’ after so many years? How do we use them, and what hidden powers do they have? What are CSS containers, and what queries can they respond to? Let’s find out!

While the basics look a lot like media queries – and can work as a drop-in replacement for many existing @media rules – there are some key differences to understand, and a lot more power than you might expect. Along the way we’ll encounter CSS fundamentals like normal flow, intrinsic and extrinsic sizing, value resolution, and more. Join me to learn all you need to know about using container queries in your web projects.

Miriam will also give a workshop on Wednesday on everything CSS.