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Chris Kolb

Chris Kolb

Chris is co-founder and chief design officer at Wahnsinn Design. A designer by trade and business psychologist by education he tries to build software that makes complexity less daunting and gets out of the way quicker. Together with his co-founder Alex he is hosting the podcast

Chris Kolb's Talk

All Users are Stupid

Monday, 9th – 11:05

In Germany, designers often refer to the DAU, the “dümmster anzunehmender User” or the "stupidest potential user,” but is it really this simple?

Unpacking the idea that intelligence is costly and often conserved, we will dive into why users may appear less intelligent in various contexts. From environmental distractions to cognitive overloads, we'll explore the myriad reasons that can hinder a user’s ability to interact effectively with software.

Together we will explore practical methods to design interfaces that minimise cognitive strain. Illustrated by real-world examples and best (and some bad) practices, we’ll try to make your view of your users capabilities a little more empathetic and optimistic.