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Sandy Dähnert

Sandy Dähnert

Sandy Dähnert is a passionate UX/UI researcher and designer with 11+ years of experience.

She is the creator of the Green UX/UI Design course, the Green the Web podcast and numerous free resources and toolkits. As a freelancer, consultant and speaker, she is dedicated to bring green UX, accessibility, mental health, diversity and ethical design into this world.

Sandy Dähnert's Talk

Sustainable Design For Nature And All People

Tuesday, 10th – 11:05

We, as designers, are incredibly powerful. We know how to sell information, services, and products so well. And we can use that for good or evil. For evil, you ask? The web has a tremendous environmental footprint, which only keeps increasing. With the online shops we’re building, we also add to massive consumption and nature exploitation.

On top of that, over 60% of today’s digital products aren’t accessible, and many people don’t feel seen or represented. Equality (in many different shapes and forms) is lacking heavily. Lastly, mental health takes a huge toll from our social media platforms, websites, applications, and online shops. So maybe design can be evil, and we are the designers behind all this.

In her talk, Sandy focuses on ecological sustainability and its correspondence with accessibility, diversity, equality, and mental health. She’ll show how lightweight design, positive behavior psychology, healthy eCommerce, raising awareness, and more can shape our design industry into something better.