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Sarah L. Fossheim

Sarah L. Fossheim

Sarah Fossheim (pronouns: they/them) is an independent accessibility specialist and front-end/UX developer, emphasizing data visualization and ethical tech. Their expertise spans multiple fields, concentrating on fostering accessibility within teams and throughout the product lifecycle.

They also love to make drawings with CSS, write about tech, collect ethical design resources, and have way too many side projects. In their spare time, they’re a wildlife photographer and bird rehabber.

Sarah L. Fossheim's Talk

Accessibility In Data Visualization

Tuesday, 10th – 12:15

Curious about what goes into building accessible data visualizations? What best practices developers can follow? Wondering about effective testing methods and understanding user interaction with your visualizations? And how exactly does prioritizing accessibility lead to better graphs?

Sarah has the answers. Join them as they share insights on constructing accessible and inclusive data visualizations, testing approaches, and optimizing the user experience.

Sarah will also give a workshop on Practical Accessibility.