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Sophie Koonin

Sophie Koonin

Sophie is the web engineering lead at Monzo Bank in the UK, responsible for the web platform across the organisation and working on internal tooling that powers Monzo’s award-winning customer service.

Building websites since the age of 10, she’s passionate about creating inclusive, accessible and fun websites that people love. Sophie writes about tech & mental health at, builds intentionally useless web apps, and makes music.

Sophie Koonin's Talk

So You’ve Decided To Do A Technical Migration

Tuesday, 10th – 15:50

It seems like there’s always a hot new library or framework promising great things. But people often forget about the pain and effort required to move from an old technology to a new one. How long will it take? If you finish, will it be worth it? And if you don’t, could it leave you in a worse place than where you started?

Drawing from my experience of the Typescript migration we recently completed at Monzo I’ll take you through some of the different outcomes of technical migrations and the things we learned along the way.