Andrew Clarke


Andrew Clarke is a designer, author and speaker known for his design work, books, conference presentations, and contributions to the web design industry.

Jeffrey Zeldman (the godfather of web standards) once called him a “triple-talented bastard.” If you know Jeffrey, you’ll know how happy that made Andrew.

Over the last sixteen years, Andrew has made designs for amazing clients and written two books, Transcending CSS and Hardboiled Web Design. Andrew has given over 50 conference presentations, and hosted workshops and training events for other web professionals all over the world.

Creativity Over Predictability

Wednesday, 29th – 3:10

“Our industry has matured into something that’s very different from the almost joyfully naive, creative designer’s playground that it was when I started. While we focus our thoughts onto processes, methods and mechanics, instead of ideas, we’re losing the creative ‘soul’ of our work. I’m hopeful that all’s not lost and that we can make work that’s memorable if we focus as much on creativity as we do on implementation.”

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