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Jacob Rossi is an engineer on the Internet Explorer team working on advancing the web through standards and new user experiences. He's the author and co-editor of the Pointer Events and CSS Snap Points web standards, former editor of DOM Level 3 Events and UI Events, and contributor to numerous other HTML, CSS, and JavaScript related standards. His recent work focuses on building an industry-leading touch experience for the browser and launching http://status.modern.ie. When not thinking about what's next for the web, you'll find him out on Lake Washington or hanging out in a pub in Seattle.

The Input Shouldn't Matter — Building for Adaptive Input Experiences

Wednesday, 29th – 11:10

The web's best feature is its reach across most computing devices. There's an overwhelming amount of good resources out there to help guide you through responsive or adaptive design to adjust for varying screen sizes and network conditions. But what about input? In this presentation, learn important tips and tricks for adapting to input types across devices from mouse & keyboard to touch to motion controllers like Leap or Kinect and more.

We'll explore the Pointer Events standard as well as what to do when only Touch or Mouse Events are available. We'll also look at key differences in the behavior of different input types, including important concepts like the virtual viewport, hover, input precision, and latency. Finally, we'll spend some time discussing what's on the horizon for input in browsers and how web developers can help shape the future.

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