Peter Smart


Peter Smart is a designer, speaker, and writer from the UK, working with global organizations to drive innovation through user-centered design.

Peter has a reputation for pushing boundaries and doing creative things with the web, from travelling 2,517 miles to solve 50 Problems in 50 Days using design, to co-creating ViziCities: visualizing real-world cities in realtime using big data and the power of the web.

Peter is a contributing author to two books on design and regularly writes on UX and best practice.

The Future Of The Web: And How To Prepare For It Now

Tuesday, 28th – 11:20

Do you remember your first moment on the web? The internet, as we know it, is less than 8,500 days old. Yet in that time it has revolutionized the way the world lives, works and plays. What do the next 8,500 days have in store?

Peter Smart, global director of user experience at Fantasy Interactive, will offer insights into some of the most astonishing developments at the frontiers of our industry. Together, we’ll explore how breakthroughs at the edge of technology, science and design will transform the way the web affects our daily lives – from invisible interfaces, touchable websites and adaptive ecosystems.

Drawing on leading research, experiments and developments across our industry, join us on a tour of the next 8,500 days on the web – and how we can prepare for them today.

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