Sara Soueidan


Sara is a freelance front-end web developer from Lebanon — focusing on HTML5, SVG, CSS3 and JavaScript. She loves writing and teaching and has combined both into writing articles and tutorials about front-end web development on her blog. She's a writer for various online magazines and for Codrops, where she is also an author and team member.

Tips For Avoiding Common SVG Pitfalls

Tuesday, 28th – 12:10

On the way to SVG mastery, we are bound to bump into unapparent sources of trouble that stem from the very nature of SVG and how its innards work. SVG still feels foreign to us in many ways, and so SVG troubleshooting might not be quite as quick and simple at first, especially with only a few troubleshooting tools we have at hand.

How many times have you worked with SVG and noticed unexpected behaviour or weird, vague XML errors that you weren’t sure how to overcome or fix? Sara has had a lot of these moments while working with SVG during the past year.

In this talk, Sara will sharesome practical tips and lessons she learned from her own experience — things that will help you save some time overcoming SVG's concealed traps—from working with CSS and JavaScript in SVG, to manipulating the inner contents of an SVG, we’ll cover as many tips as time allows us.

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