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Topple the Smashing cat waiting for the conference to start.

Thank you so much for joining us at SmashingConf Live. If you have purchased a ticket, we'll be sending the videos to you very soon. Looking forward to seeing you again!

Meet SmashingConf Live (August 20–21), a truly smashing, friendly online conference on front-end & UX. With interactive live sessions, practical insights, accessible speakers, collaborative notes and fireplace chats with like-minded folks. Jump to the speakers.

Ah, and the best bit: a conference in which you play an active role — taking part in live sessions, Q&As, discussion zones and challenges. To the schedule.

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This event was supposed to happen in June. Any questions about your ticket, contact us.

Please respect our code of conduct and our accessibility statement.

Feel excited to join, but you think your manager could need just a little bit more persuasion? We’ve prepared a neat Convince Your Boss template. Good luck! 🤞🤞🏼🤞🏾

Our SmashingConf Live Partners

  • Digital Agency Network (DAN)

Interested in Sponsoring?

We want to make our events worthwhile for everyone, including our partners. Therefore we like to think beyond good ol’ bag inserts and conference stands, and fully integrate your brand in the conference experience.

Together with you, we’ll come up with a package that suits your goals and budget, so we can keep working together, longer and better. Please get in touch with Mariona via and let’s explore!

Mariona from Smashing Partnerships.