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Topple the cat playing a game of Jenga

SmashingConf Live is an online conference on June 9 and 10. Instead of full days, it will take two half days, to make it more approachable for everyone. Schedule of Day 1.

Both days start at 8 AM PDT (check your time), with interactive sessions, followed up with a time for Q&As and discussion zones.

But of course that’s not all! Be prepared for design & coding challenges, scavenger hunt and fireplace sessions with mystery guests. And to keep in style, of course we’ll throw a Smashing Party.

We will be posting a detailed schedule soon.

Conference Tuesday, 9th | Conference Wednesday, 10th

Tuesday, 9th – Conference

7:00 AM PDTDoors Open ☕️
Settle in! Grab a cup of coffee. Listen to our conference DJ Tobi and mingle with other attendees!
8:00 AMWelcome!
Our MC’s Cassidy Williams and Phil Hawksworth will make you feel right at home.
8:15 AM — 09:00 AM

Designer vs. Developer!

Designers and developers often have poor relationships, due to bad process. Their interactions are apathetic at best and antagonistic at worst. Designers iterate over rounds of unrealistic comps, leaving a stupidly short runway for developers to actually build the product. Developers recoil from the design process and expect designers to figure everything out so they only have to build things once.

In this session, designer Dan Mall and developer Brad Frost will duke it out on stage once and for all. Can they identify a better process that prioritizes collaboration and conversation? Is designing in the browser really possible? Is higher quality products in a faster pace the holy grail? Can they finally say goodbye to a traditional, waterfall, handoff process? You’ve gotta attend to find out!

09:00 AM — 09:30 AMQ&A with Dan and Brad — Prepare your questions!

⛳️ Join us for a Design & Coding Tournament.
🏕 Follow the fireside chat with Trine Falbe on Privacy and UX.
🎙 Or join the chat with Sara Soueidan on Accessibility.
09:30 AM — 09:55 AM

An Animated Guide to Vue 3 Internals

Coming soon!

10:10 AM — 10:40 AMQ&A with Sarah, let us know your questions!

🕵️‍♂️ Bring your designs, for a Live UX Audit with Paul Boag.
🏕 Or join the Fireside chat with Dan Mall on Pricing and Estimations.
10:40 AM — 11:20 AM


Coming soon!

11:30 AM — 12:00 PMWe’ll be chatting with the speaker after their talk.

👩‍💻 Learn from Sarah Drasner and her Text Editor Tips.
11:50 AM — 12:35 PM

User Experience

Coming soon!

12:35 PM — 1:10:00 PMWe’ll be asking Jared your questions, so let us know!

🕵️‍♂️ Paul Boag will be giving a Live UX Audit again.
🏕 We’ll be chatting with Monica Dinculescu on Machine Learning.
12:40 PM — Late ;-)🎉 Smashing Party and Challenges
Don’t leave us yet, we’ll be hosting a little party! Join us for a little quiz, live DJ performance, silly dance moves, and design & coding challenges.

Wednesday, 10th – Conference

Timings Around The World

  • CityTime
  • San Francisco, USA 🇺🇸8AM–1PM
  • New York, USA 🇺🇸11AM–4PM
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 🇧🇷12PM–5PM
  • London, UK 🇬🇧4PM–9PM
  • CityTime
  • Antwerp, Belgium 🍫5PM–10PM
  • Kyiv, Ukraine 🇺🇦6PM–11PM
  • Mumbai, India 🇮🇳8:30PM–1:30AM
  • Singapore, Singapore 🇸🇬11PM–4AM

Our SmashingConf Live Partners

  • Digital Agency Network (DAN)