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The SmashingCat chasing the knowledge, with the Hopin platform logo

For the conference experience, we’re using Hopin. It turned out to be the best option in terms of quality, reliability and accessibility, with reception and networking area, sponsor booths and breakout sessions. We provide live captioning in English as well.

To join in, no installation is needed! Before the event, we’ll send you a magic link, so you can jump right into the conference with a click on a link.

Just make sure to say hello in the chat to all the friendly people around once you’ve joined! ;-) 👋👋🏼👋🏾

How Does It Work? 5 Simple Steps

The registration and joining are very straightforward. In many ways, it's similar to on-site conferences, but we'd like to encourage you to be online at least 15 mins before we start, so we can connect and mingle first.

  1. Check your confirmation email.
    Once you've purchased a ticket, you'll receive a confirmation email. If something goes wrong, please reach out at, and we'll help you right away.
  2. Follow the URL in the confirmation email.
    Please provide correct email to receive timely notifications. Once the date gets closer we will email you a link where you can jump right into the conference with a click on a link.
  3. Check your machine setup.
    The video stream will be running in the browser, so it might be a good idea to ensure you don't have hundreds of tabs or apps in the memory already.
  4. Secure a good Internet connection.
    We want you to have a great learning and networking experience, so please ensure that you have a decent connection during the conference.
  5. Meet friends early on in Slack!.
    It's wonderful to share experiences with friends, so connect early in the SmashingConf Slack. Say hello, where you are from and tell us a (brief) story of your life! We'd love to meet you!

We sincerely hope that you'll have a wonderful learning experience. Please let us know if we could improve something by sending an email at
Meow and thank you! ❤️

Timings Around The World

  • CityTime
  • San Francisco, USA 🇺🇸8AM–1PM
  • New York, USA 🇺🇸11AM–4PM
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 🇧🇷12PM–5PM
  • London, UK 🇬🇧4PM–9PM
  • CityTime
  • Antwerp, Belgium 🍫5PM–10PM
  • Kyiv, Ukraine 🇺🇦6PM–11PM
  • Mumbai, India 🇮🇳8:30PM–1:30AM
  • Singapore, Singapore 🇸🇬11PM–4AM

Our SmashingConf Live Partners

  • Digital Agency Network (DAN)