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Meets June 20, 2023.

All our Meets events are nice, interactive and (hopefully 😻) interesting. Our upcoming Meets AI will get you up to date on everything AI!

We have four absolute AI experts on the line-up. Register your free ticket and spread the love! We open our virtual doors 15 minutes before we start on Tuesday, June 20, 2023 at 8 AM PT 🌍 and we’ll finish around 11 AM.

🌉 8 AM — San Francisco
🧀 11 AM — Philadelphia
🍊 5 PM — Valencia
🌺 8:30 PM — Bengalaru


We love it when our speakers do live things: they show how they work — their setup, techniques and shortcuts for getting work done in live interactive sessions. So you can learn from their techniques (and mistakes).

Vitaly, the one who loves ironing, front-end, UX and has tons of crazy ideas.

Conference June 20

June 20 – Conference

7:45 AM

Doors Open

8:00 AM


For our upcoming Smashing Meets event on AI, our friendly hosts Vitaly & Jarijn will welcome you and quickly explain how the Meets will run. We can’t wait to meet you!

8:10 AM

Squish Meets Structure — Designing with Shoggoth

Language models feel like squishy, alien minds we've organically grown inside a GPU cluster. They are unlike any of our existing computational tools. They're predictably unpredictable and break many of our pre-conceived notions of how computers work. How are we supposed to design with these messy, unwieldy, Shoggoth-like creatures?

In her talk, Maggie will cover how to balance squish and structure, why compositionally matters, and explore the potential of treating models as small, single-purpose reasoning engines.

Maggie Appleton
8:50 AM

Working with AI

AI tools have been popping up left and right in the last year, and whilst there are the obvious doom and gloom discussions about AI replacing our jobs, they can actually make our jobs much more fun.

In his talk, CJ Gammon will show his explorations and learnings using AI to generate UI designs, and how AI tools such as ChatGTP and Github's copilot can be used in development workflows.

CJ Gammon
9:30 AM

Generative AI Demo

Time to see how generative AI can create awesomeness. Freepik's content creator Sofia knows all the ins and outs of prompt creation in Stable Diffusion, and will show (her) magic!

Sofia Lopez
9:50 AM

Building a Voice-Activated Personal Assistant

Ever dreamed about having a personal assistant? That dream is getting more real every day with the help of various (AI) tools.

In his talk, Tejas Kumar will show how to build one’s self a voice-activated personal assistant, using the Web Speech API and many other tools.

Tejas Kumar
10:30 AM

The Ethics of AI

Who owns content created using AI? And how do we protect the rights of ourselves and the creatives whose work has been used to train AI models?

In this talk we’ll take a deep dive into the ethical intricacies of using AI in creative practice and explore ethical and common-sense approaches to using AI as tools and materials in our work.

Morten Rand-Hendriksen
11:10 AM

Panel discussion

Time to get even more interactive at our speaker panel — ask your questions and get your answers!

11:40 AM


What? The End? Noooos! But we are certain you learned something, and had some fun in the process. And luckily there is always the videos, the slides, the collaborative docs, and more. We’ll send them your way shortly. Thank you for joining us & see you again soon! ⛱