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CJ Gammon

CJ Gammon

CJ Gammon is a Creative Technologist exploring the intersection of AI, web development and design. Throughout his career, he has brought to life engaging digital experiences by implementing custom tooling and workflows for brands like Google, National Geographic, and Food Network.

Presently, he is employed at Adobe where he builds prototypes and tools that empower creatives. In his free time he loves hiking, playing games with his kids and begging them to play music with him in hopes of one day living out his garage band fantasy through them.

CJ Gammon's Talk

Working with AI

June 20 – 8:50 AM

AI tools have been popping up left and right in the last year, and whilst there are the obvious doom and gloom discussions about AI replacing our jobs, they can actually make our jobs much more fun.

In his talk, CJ Gammon will show his explorations and learnings using AI to generate UI designs, and how AI tools such as ChatGTP and Github's copilot can be used in development workflows.