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Maggie Appleton

Maggie Appleton

Maggie Appleton is a designer, anthopologist and (mediocre — her words :)) developer. She's originally from London but grew up in international schools in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore. After a career at various education and open source initiatives, she now leads design at Elicit.

Design, anthropology, and programming are at the core of everything she makes, and combining them into a coherent career is a weird and ongoing challenge.

Maggie Appleton's Talk

Squish Meets Structure — Designing with Shoggoth

June 20 – 8:10 AM

Language models feel like squishy, alien minds we've organically grown inside a GPU cluster. They are unlike any of our existing computational tools. They're predictably unpredictable and break many of our pre-conceived notions of how computers work. How are we supposed to design with these messy, unwieldy, Shoggoth-like creatures?

In her talk, Maggie will cover how to balance squish and structure, why compositionally matters, and explore the potential of treating models as small, single-purpose reasoning engines.