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Tejas Kumar

Tejas Kumar

Tejas has been writing code since age 8. Since then, he has worked either full-time or contractually for Spotify, Vercel, G2i, and others, picking up things along the way. His jobs have been some mix of Individual Contributor (coding-heavy) roles, and managerial roles between companies.

Today, he travels the world equipping and encouraging developers to do their best work, aiming to make the world a better place through quality software.

In March 2024 his new book Fluent React will released. This practical book will help you take a deep dive into fundamental concepts of React.

Tejas Kumar's Talk

Building a Voice-Activated Personal Assistant

June 20 – 9:50 AM

Ever dreamed about having a personal assistant? That dream is getting more real every day with the help of various (AI) tools.

In his talk, Tejas Kumar will show how to build one’s self a voice-activated personal assistant, using the Web Speech API and many other tools.

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