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Miriam Suzanne

Miriam Suzanne

Miriam Suzanne is an author, artist, web developer, and teacher in Denver, Colorado. She’s a co-founder of OddBird web agency, a member of the Sass core team, and a W3C Invited Expert on the CSS Working Group.

After building Susy for responsive CSS layouts in 2009, and then True for Sass unit-testing, Miriam became one of the primary developers of Sass & CSS developer tools, with a focus on layout, architecture, and design systems. She’s also a prolific teacher – offering CSS workshops, and speaking at conferences around the world. She’s a co-author of Sitepoint’s Jump Start Sass, a staff writer for CSS Tricks, and was a founding teacher on the Mozilla Developer youtube channel.

C(SS)hallenge ✨🌟

July, 8th – 4:30 PM

Join us and get CSSassy with Miriam to learn new things and win prizes. Be there or be border-radius: 0.

The Future of CSS

July, 8th – 5:10 PM

New CSS proposals like Container Queries, Cascade Layers and Scoped Styles are all aimed at improving the way we write responsive components and design systems.

Over the last decade Object-Oriented & Responsive design have become the norm – with tools like Flexbox, Grid, intrinsic sizing, and aspect-ratio giving us even more layout control. CSS has always been designed for a responsive web, but that goalpost can shift over time. Join Miriam to explore how these new features help us write more modern, encapsulated, and responsive CSS.