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Miriam Suzanne

Miriam Suzanne

Miriam is an artist, engineer, and open-web advocate. She’s a co-founder of OddBird, Invited Expert on the W3C CSS Working Group, and Sass core contributor who enjoys pushing the boundaries of web technology.

These days she’s working on specifications for Container Queries, Scope, and Cascade Layers in CSS; extending the Sass color module to support wide-gamut colors; and learning to crochet socks.

Miriam Suzanne's Talk

C(SS)hallenge ✨🌟

July, 8th – 4:30 PM

Join us and get CSSassy with Miriam to learn new things and win prizes. Be there or be border-radius: 0.

Miriam Suzanne's Talk

The Future of CSS

July, 8th – 5:10 PM

New CSS proposals like Container Queries, Cascade Layers and Scoped Styles are all aimed at improving the way we write responsive components and design systems.

Over the last decade Object-Oriented & Responsive design have become the norm – with tools like Flexbox, Grid, intrinsic sizing, and aspect-ratio giving us even more layout control. CSS has always been designed for a responsive web, but that goalpost can shift over time. Join Miriam to explore how these new features help us write more modern, encapsulated, and responsive CSS.