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Meets November 15, 2022.

All our Meets events are nice, interactive and (hopefully 😻) interesting. Our upcoming Meets Design Systems should give you a good understanding of how design systems work, how you can use them (in your teams), and how they will likely change over time.

We have a three absolutely amazing speakers for you. We’ll start with Dan Mall, continue with Hayley Hughes, and finish talks with Ben Callahan. All of them are super experienced and passionate about Design Systems, which should also show in the interactive panel — hosted by Vitaly Friedman — which will conclude the event.

We open our virtual doors 15 minutes before we start on Tuesday, November 15, 2022 at 8 AM PT 🌍 and we’ll finish around 11 AM.

🏄🏻 8 AM — Huntington Beach
🧀 11 AM — Philadelphia
🚂 5 PM — Copenhagen
🎎 1 AM (Nov 16) — Kyoto


We love it when our speakers do live things: they show how they work — their setup, techniques and shortcuts for getting work done in live interactive sessions. So you can learn from their techniques (and mistakes).

Vitaly, the one who loves ironing, front-end, UX and has tons of crazy ideas.

Conference November 15

November 15 – Conference

7:45 AM

Doors Open

8:00 AM


For our upcoming Smashing Meets event on Design Systems, our friendly host will welcome you and quickly explain how the Meets will run. We can’t wait to meet you!

8:10 AM

Your Next Component

The next component your design system team chooses to take on, is crucial. It has an outsized effect on how well the design system will be received, adopted, and scale into the future. Whether you're starting, restarting, or reinvigorating your design system, Dan will show you you'll learn how to be both strategic and tactical with your design system approach.

Dan Mall
8:50 AM

Thinking Big and Small

One constant of design systems is that they’re always changing. As they morph and grow, our understanding of them evolves. In this talk, Hayley will share examples of how apparently small shifts in design systems can make a big difference in how we think about them, and how we continue to recast their role. She will also have a good look (& celebrate) the diversity of systems, and highlight the variety of ways they’re fit for purpose.

Hayley Hughes
9:30 AM


Time for a 10 minute break to stretch those legs, use that (super-clean 🫧) toilet and give the gray matter a small break!

9:40 AM

Design System Culture

The culture of your design system is greatly impacted by the culture of your organization. Ben will share how understanding this, will impact the way you approach creating a sustainable systematic design practice. We’ll examine the various types of organizational cultures and consider how they work together (and how they don’t).
Spoiler: the cultural work is the hardest work 😅. This talk will help you face that challenge head-on and shape your approach, making your system more sustainable.

Ben Callahan
10:20 AM


Plenty of time to discuss things in a group. Cause things are better synergized.

10:55 AM


What? The End? Noooos! But we are certain you learned something, and had some fun in the process. And luckily there is always the videos, the slides, the collaborative docs, and more. We’ll send them your way shortly. Thank you for joining us & see you again soon! ⛱