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Christine Vallaure

Christine Vallaure

Christine is a UX/UI Designer with over ten years of experience and founder of She has worked internationally, in-house, and remotely on projects for leading brands, agencies, and startups. She cares deeply about creating well-thought-through and aesthetic products, and she firmly believes that designers should understand code and that UX/UI is a match made in heaven.

Currently, she is running full-time and also writing about Design & Code on Medium and Smashing Magazine.

She loves Figma, sunshine, and Dieter Rams. She also hates writing about herself, so let’s meet in FigJam instead!

Christine Vallaure's Talk

Designing with Real Data

February 28 – 9:20 AM

Designing with real data has enourmous advantages, and is also just really cool. Figma has some amazing features which help you do this well. In her talk, Christine will explore two tools (spreadsheets and API) and show you — in real time — how it works in Figma.