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Julia Lybenska

Julia Lybenska

Julia Lybenska is a Product Designer and Design Manager at Setapp, the first curated app subscription platform for macOS and iOS by MacPaw. Julia has 7+ years of experience in various design roles, including at startups, creative and communication agencies. She is passionate about Figma and uses it as a tool for brainstorming, prototyping, and presentation.

For the past 11 months since the beginning of the russian war in Ukraine, Julia has been working out of Kyiv, successfully managing a team of designers despite the crisis. While she hopes no one gets to experience the same, certain tips and tricks can help you prepare for any other unforeseen circumstances.

Julia Lybenska's Talk

Designing in Crisis Times

February 28 – 8:50 AM

We all talk about crisis design, but very few of us actually go through a 'real' crisis. Unfortunately, the people of Ukraine do.
In this talk, find out how Ukraine based company Setapp by MacPaw managed to work through blackouts, staff shortages and more — through reorganising workflows and adapting policies. Although obviously we hope no one gets to experience what Ukraine is going through, these lessons learnt can be applicable in many (smaller) crisis situations too.