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Christopher Patnoe

Christopher Patnoe

Christopher Patnoe is the Head of Accessibility and Disability Inclusion for EMEA at Google. He leads Google's efforts around the accessibility of product, people (both Googler and end users) and partnerships. He has more than 25 years experience in Tech working at companies like Apple, Sony Ericsson and Disney where he's built hardware, software, and services. His current passion is Accessibility at the intersection of immersive technologies (AR/VR) and consumer hardware.

He is the chair for the Immersive Captions Community Group with the W3C, is a co-Chair of the XR Association Accessibility Working Group, and sits on the Board of Trustees for the American Foundation for the Blind and for the GAAD Foundation. Christopher has a degree in Music from UC Berkeley.

Christopher Patnoe's Talk

Building Inclusively, Building Accessibly

December 6 – 8:15 AM

With over 25 years of experience in building digital products for (large) tech companies, Christopher will describe some key factors on building inclusively. He will also show some real-world examples how Google has tackled some of the accessibility challenges in their products.