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Let's Meet(s) for Good!

On Wednesday, February 9, 8–11am (PT) 🌍, we are hosting our Meets edition on the topic of (design) ethics.

This edition we will focus on (design) ethics, and how to make good decisions happen in your team, organisation and with your clients. We will have two amazing talks including a practical showcase, on Ethics in the digital world.

Tickets are free for our community, so register yours now. Meow you there!

🏙 8 AM — Seattle
🌴 11 AM — Miami
🏛️ 5 PM — Rome
🍜 12 Midnight — Shanghai

Please respect our Code of Conduct and our Accessibility Statement.

Meets for Good
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Want to go a bit deeper? Join Trine for her Ethical Design Masterclass (March 1–15) where she’ll provide a full framework which enables you to apply ethical design in your work.

Interested in Sponsoring?

We want to make our events worthwhile for everyone, including our partners. Therefore we like to think beyond good ol’ bag inserts and conference stands, and fully integrate your brand in the conference experience.

Together with you, we’ll come up with a package that suits your goals and budget, so we can keep working together, longer and better. Please get in touch with Mariona via and let’s explore!

Mariona from Smashing Partnerships.