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Kevin Coyle

Kevin Coyle

Kevin Coyle is a former Technical Lead at Pfizer, where he spearheaded the engineering team in developing the Helix Design System. Currently, he collaborates with Big Medium, alongside industry luminaries Brad Frost and Josh Clark. In this role, Kevin plays a pivotal part in aiding numerous Fortune 500 companies to enhance their design systems. His focus is on integrating advanced techniques and leveraging artificial intelligence to drive innovation and efficiency.

Kevin Coyle's Talk

When Will AI Replace Us?

February 27 – 9:20 AM

There's a prevailing, yet understandable, anxiety that artificial intelligence might one day supplant us as designers, developers, and documentarians. With AI tools improving day by day, it would be imprudent not to prepare for a future where AI could significantly transform our work.

In this timely, fun, and practical talk, Kevin Coyle shows you how you and your teammates can use AI—right now, to deliver better, faster front-end work. He'll show you how to sidestep AI's (often hilarious!) shortcomings. And he'll show how we have to adapt our skills, process, and expectations to make room for our new robot colleagues. This future doesn't have to be scary!