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Winter Topple enjoying the talks from his cat basket.

Three talks, a design challenge, fun challenges, networking and plenty more! Don’t forget to bring all your Prototyping, Vue.js and CSS questions. Turn on your video, and ask your questions! All talks will be AI captioned.

Sit down, relax and enjoy! If you didn’t feel festive yet, we are pretty sure, afterward, you will! Can’t wait to meet you 🥳

We open our virtual doors 30 minutes before we start at 9 AM EST (check your time), and we’ll finish around noon.


Our speakers rarely show slides: they show how they work — their setup, techniques and shortcuts for getting work done in live interactive sessions. So expect everything from refactoring and debugging to sketching and redesign, live.

Vitaly, the one who loves ironing, front-end, UX and has tons of crazy ideas.

Conference Thursday, 17th

Thursday, 17th – Conference

8:30 AM

Doors Open

8:30 AM

Christmas Text Effect Challenge ✨🎄🌟

Let’s get festive and make our very own holiday inspired text effects with CSS (and maybe some JS if you want to get extra fancy)! We’ll run through some foundational techniques and then you’ll have time to create your own!

Mandy Michael
9:00 AM


Kicking off Smashing Meets in full holiday spirit! Just some welcome words, guide to the platform and friendly chat. We can’t wait to meet you!

9:15 AM

The Good, The Bad and Ugly of Prototyping

Just like with dancing, there is an art to prototyping. When trying to push the boundaries of a design or convince stakeholders on an idea, it can be a great tool. But like with anything in life, too much of a good thing can be bad. If not done properly, it can be a roadblock for product teams to design and test ideas. Creating a balance on how, when and what to prototype will allow you to communicate ideas effectively, influence stakeholders and collaborate with your colleagues.

Learn techniques on how prototype efficiently and effectively, how to create a framework for prototyping that fits into your organization. And how to utilize a prototype for production

Adekunle Oduye
9:55 AM

Smashing To Meet You! ☕️

We love getting to know you a little bit better. Join the session and learn a bit more about your fellow attendees, the organisers and maybe even yourself! ;-)

10:10 AM

Getting Started with Vue 3’s Composition API

With the release of Vue.js 3, one of the most discussed features is the Composition API. Common questions include:

  • "What is the Composition API?"
  • "How does it impact the way Vue.js apps are currently build with the Object API?"
  • “What are the benefits and/or trade-offs?"

In this talk, Ben will be answering all of those questions and hosting a live coding session to show an overview of how the Composition API works.

Ben Hong
10:50 AM

Networking Challenge

Meet somebody on the other side of the world. Find a new friend, colleague or exchange some cat pictures.

11:05 AM

CSS Custom Properties

Custom Properties are a great way to give our CSS superpowers! Not only can they help us write more concise, maintainable code, they also bestow upon us the ability to get truly creative with CSS.

In this talk we’ll walk through some tips and tricks for using custom properties to improve our workflow, as well as some practical (and less practical!) examples of them in use. It’s CSS, but not as we know it

Michelle Barker
12:00 PM


All good things come to an end. Thankfully, you can relive it all with our videos, slides, and collaborative docs. We hope you’ll get back to work with new skills and fresh inspiration. Thank you for joining us! ☃️