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Ben Hong

Ben Hong

Ben Hong is a Vue.js Core Team member and a Senior Developer Experience (DX) Engineer at Netlify. He is also a developer / psychologist / educator hybrid who is passionate about creating products that help to empower people with new skills and knowledge regardless of their background.

Ben Hong's Talk

Getting Started with Vue 3’s Composition API

Thursday, 17th – 10:10 AM

With the release of Vue.js 3, one of the most discussed features is the Composition API. Common questions include:

  • "What is the Composition API?"
  • "How does it impact the way Vue.js apps are currently build with the Object API?"
  • “What are the benefits and/or trade-offs?"

In this talk, Ben will be answering all of those questions and hosting a live coding session to show an overview of how the Composition API works.