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Jodie Chan

Jodie Chan

Jodie Chan is the SVP of Product & Strategic Partnerships at Chinafy, the premier China web performance platform. Since 2017, Jodie has been focused on finding innovative solutions to evolving cross-border web challenges for a diverse range of organizations, including publishers, financial institutions, listed multinational corporations, and universities.

When she's not donning her web performance detective hat, Jodie embraces her musical passions as Joya, an independent singer-songwriter. Her music can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, and more.

Jodie Chan's Talk

Demystifying Web Performance in China

May 7 – 9:20 AM

Global web best practices often fall short in China's web environment.

In this session, Jodie will tackle common misconceptions when it comes to China web performance, demystify the elusive Great Firewall in technical terms, and provide an evaluation framework using real-world case studies.

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