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Terry O'Shea

Terry O'Shea

Terry O’Shea is a senior software engineer on Etsy’s web performance team in Brooklyn, New York. She previously worked at Yelp and attended the Recurse Center. Terry received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Princeton University.

Terry O'Shea's Talk

Custom Performance Metrics

May 7 – 8:10 AM

Universal performance metrics like largest contentful paint give us a lot of insight, but they don't capture the whole performance story. Depending on client and use case, it can be useful to define custom metrics to capture the performance of what's most important for your specific users on your specific site.

In her talk, Terry will provide examples of these specific metrics, and she'll go through ways we can implement these metrics—tools like the User Timing API, the Element Timing API, and Server-Timing headers.