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Chiara Aliotta

Chiara Aliotta

An award-winning designer, Chiara Aliotta is the founder of Until Sunday, a creative agency that encapsulates her obsession with colour, typography, and detail. Chiara wears many creative ‘hats’, with years of experience as a graphic designer, art director, and brand consultant under her belt. Not only does she write and speak regularly about design-led storytelling, she has also directed impactful visual brand development for renowned global organisations.

Whether she’s creating an immersive digital journey or a compelling design for print, Chiara’s ideas are characterised by the enduring power of storytelling. She skilfully combines her deep understanding of classic tales, with an instinctive sense of what makes a story memorable, to create user experiences that pack an emotional punch.

Born in Italy, Chiara now resides on the beautiful island of Syros with her husband, with whom she co-runs an art gallery and a personal lifestyle project, The Pattern Tales.

And because at Smashing Magazine, cats are the protagonists… Her beloved cat Kissa provides inspiration… and the occasional cuddle!

Chiara Aliotta's Talk

Embracing the Magic of Narrative UX

September 14 – 8:50 AM

Unleash the potential of storytelling in UX design with a focus on ethical considerations and practical insights!

In her talk, Chiara will explore the charming world of Narrative UX, where the magic of storytelling weaves through user journeys, creating seamless and empathetic interactions and enticing users to yearn for more!

Together we will uncover the "tricks" behind persuasive, empathetic, and imaginative experiences. But remember, magic always comes with a price and can hide a "dark side"!

Be prepared to discuss the potential harm of manipulative design elements that deceive users through storytelling. Using real-world examples, designers will learn how to create captivating and inspiring experiences by infusing narratives (and transparency) into their work.