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Marco-Christian Krenn

Marco-Christian Krenn

Marco-Christian Krenn is a Design System Architect from Austria who is passionate about solving design with logical decisions, headless architecture, and design tokens. As part of Tokens Studio, he's deeply involved in working on Generators and Resolvers, striving to innovate and enhance the field of design systems.

Marco-Christian Krenn's Talk

The Collaborative Canvas — How to Map Design Decisions

September 14 – 8:10 AM

Want to have smarter, more consistent design decisions? Reproducible, extensible and primed for automation and AI generation?

Design decision graphs are the new solution to storing both design tokens, as well as all of the context and knowledge needed to generate and use the tokens across any platform.

In his talk, Marco will show how to work with these graphs, and how to version and sync them across multiple design tools for full interopability.