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Jay Demetillo

Jay Demetillo

With 10+ years of experience working in New York City, San Francisco, Singapore, China, and currently, Australia, Jay Demetillo has built up an impressive resume of experience along with creating impact.‍

Jay has designed for companies such as Twitter, Pinterest, Yahoo, and Grab. Jay was an adjunct professor at California College of the Arts in San Francisco and has spoken/lectured in China for ACG. He’s worked on notable projects such as the Bay Lights, Gaspar Brasserie, San Francisco’s Park System SFPark, GrabFood, Grab’s Facial Recognition for Drivers, and AudioProtect. Currently, he’s at Canva working on some cool projects.

Jay Demetillo's Talk

Designing Without Bias

June 18 – 8:10 AM

As designers, we can create a lot of value, and have the potential to do amazing things. But — especially with the evolution of AI and the current job market — we also have to be aware of our responsibilities!

In his talk, Jay will explore how to design with empathy and inclusion outside the Western Perspective. On top of that, he will talk about how design impacts the business and strategy when considering these different perspectives. Intrigued? Check it out!