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New York 2014 SmashingConf New York 2014 17th–18th of June 2014

Eva-Lotta Lamm


Eva-Lotta is a User Experience Designer and Illustrator, grew up in Germany, worked in Paris, and is now based in London, where she works as an Interaction Designer at Google. Eva-Lotta regularly takes sketchnotes at various design conferences and has published her visual notes in a series of books.

She also teaches sketching and is interested in exploring the area of Visual Improvisation - looking at the parallels between sketching and improvisation to explore how some of the principles from her regular theater improvisation practice can be used to inspire visual work.

Tips, Tricks and Hands-on Practice For UX Sketching

Tuesday, June 18th – 11:45

Sketching is a crucial tool for designers to have in their skill set. It’s cheap, fast and easy to learn. Many design and product teams today have embraced sketching as part of their (agile) process. From quick wireframes and flow diagrams to user scenarios and story boards, sketching can be used to quickly explore design possibilities, think through various options or to communicate a concept in a quick but engaging way.

In her session, Eva-Lotta will teach you some basic sketching skills hands-on and show how you can refine your sketches to make them communicate more effectively. She will share examples, tips and thoughts on process, practicing and how to move beyond boxes and arrows to extend your sketching skills into richer forms of visual expression like storyboarding and sketch-noting.

The session will include some hands-on practice, so get your pens and paper ready.

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