Smashing Conference

New York 2014 SmashingConf New York 2014 17th–18th of June 2014

Fabio Carneiro


Fabio Carneiro is an Email & User Experience Designer at MailChimp, where he spends his days neck-deep in HTML email, designing and developing versatile, responsive templates for more than 4 million MailChimp users. He loves helping others conquer email design, and has given talks at the Atlanta Web Design Group, ConvergeSE, and Litmus, recorded a course for Treehouse, and shared his expertise with publications like Smashing Magazine.

Hard-Won Lessons in Responsive Email Design

Tuesday, June 17th – 16:00

Email is one of the most important ways you can connect with your audience. With the majority of people now reading email on mobile devices, creating robust responsive templates is no longer optional — it's the new standard practice. Unfortunately, email design is still considered a dark art, and its steep learning curve can be daunting. In this talk, Fabio will present techniques for designing and developing email along with strategies for optimizing user experience in email clients that make the task more simple and less frustrating.

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