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New York 2014 SmashingConf New York 2014 17th–18th of June 2014

Becoming a Data Scientist On The Web, With SVG


As more and more devices are tracking, checking in and tweeting, we suffer under the deluge of data. A good data scientist needs to be able to wade through everything to find and tell the underlying story.

This workshop will get you started by guiding you through the basics of chart and graph design. From reducing clutter and telling the right story, a clear and concise graphic is key to understanding and improving your craft. We'll look at the use of SVG as part of the workflow to easily create charts and graphs programmatically as well as why SVG is an ideal format for creating vector graphs for the web and print.

SVG is an old technology that has only recently become a viable option to use. All modern browsers support vector graphs and with high resolution displays, crisp, smooth images are becoming more and more important. We'll go through the hows and whys behind SVG and HTML.

Designing with Data is the foundation needed to progress from basic, atomic charts and graphs into more complex visualizations. You first need to conquer the basics, understand the niche uses for each graph type, then apply everything you learn to complex visualizations and infographics. After this workshop, you will be capable of tackling any data-driven design problem.

Data scientist is predicted to be one of the hottest jobs in the near future, don’t you want to be onboard?

Who is the workshop for?

For anyone who is interested in getting started in this field, folks who end-up wearing 10 hats at work and one is “make this report look pretty” or even people who are fed-up with pedestrian excel charts and are taking it into their own hands to improve the situation. You hire a professional copy-editor and proof-reader, but ignore the visualizations – now you can be that expert. You will need to be comfortable with any text-editor and have a basic knowledge of an illustration program such as Illustrator or Inkscape etc.

What will you learn?

  • Introduction to Making Stories from Data
  • Chart and Graph Types
  • Highlighting Change in Charts and Graph
  • How using 3D effects Data Translation
  • Data to Ink Ratio
  • Perception of Colour
  • Exercise One
  • Visualisations and Storytelling
  • Exercise Two
  • Findings of Exercise

What prerequisite skills do you need?

You don't need to have played with the latest and greatest CSS3 and you don't need to know what a vendor prefix is. You will, however, need to know a selector from a property and have a general understanding of CSS-based layouts.

What hardware/software do you need?

Please bring your own laptop (Mac or Win) with your favorite text editor.


The workshop will be taking place on Thursday, June 19th, at the Lighthouse International venue (Lighthouse International, 111 E 59th St, New York NY 10022-1202, Google Maps). No printing necessary — just bring your ID! The doors open at 8am.

Lighthouse Wi-Fi: LHI Guest 1(2) / Pass: lhicc987??

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Workshop includes
  • Snacks and drinks during the whole day
  • Tea and coffee
  • Lunch
  • Paper and pen/pencil

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