Daniel Burka


Daniel Burka is a San Francisco-based product designer. He’s currently a design partner at Google Ventures. He works with Google Ventures’ many portfolio companies to solve their design challenges.

Design below the surface

Tuesday, 16th – 11:20

I work with tech entrepreneurs day in a day out. When they talk about design, they almost always start with a discussion of aesthetics, brand, and (if you're lucky) user interfaces. But, when you ask them "What keeps you up at night?" they invariably talk about completely different issues: business risks, customer acquisition, hiring, feature development schedules, and keeping ahead of competitors. No wonder designers feel like they don't have a seat at the table — they're off 'designing' while the rest of the business is doing the business. It turns out, however, that designers are wonderfully suited to solving core business challenges. Let's discuss how to use design to help your business move faster, de-risk product decisions, and ultimately be more successful.

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