Jon Burgerman


Jon Burgerman (b. 1979, UK) is a purveyor of doodles. He is often credited and referenced as the leading figure in the popular 'Doodle' art style.

His work oscillates somewhere between fine art, urban art and pop-culture, using dry humour to reference and question his contemporary milieu. His is a pervasive and instantly recognisable aesthetic that exists across a multitude of forms including canvases, large scale murals (indoor and outside), sculpture, toys, apparel, design, print and people (as tattoos and temporary drawings).

It's Great To Create

Tuesday, 16th – 5:20

To make it short: this is a talk about Jon's work, his life, play, distraction, seeing things, feeling different and trying to be happy.

And I don't promise to much, if I tell you that I love his work and am always happy to see his inspiring talks anywhere around the world.

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