Katie Kovalcin


Katie is a designer at Sparkbox. She is the 2014 Net Awards Young Designer of the Year, a teacher for Girl Develop It, and a writer for various publications. She strongly values collaboration with her teammates, performance in design, and beautifully smart design systems. She loves her dog and iced coffee more than anything formerly mentioned.

Design the Code, Not Pixel-Perfect Comps

Tuesday, 16th – 3:20

We know that designers need to code more, but we also need developers to design more. When developers are coding early in the design concepting phase, magical things start to take shape.
Designers refine early design concepts by visually proofing live code. Developers code early design concepts rather than finished templates. Designers piece design as needed. Together, focus on CSS transitions and behaviors early and throughout the design process, not as an afterthought.

This talk focuses on the perspective and benefits for both designers and developers when collaborating and using CSS early in the design process.

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