Samantha Warren


Samantha is a freelance designer, maker of and has worked for clients like Twitter, National Geographic, Ford Motors, and The World Food Program.

Guerrilla Design Tactics

Tuesday, 16th – 12:10

It takes a village to design a responsive design system, so how to you convince the village that they need to? Facilitating change, making innovative happen, and fostering a design culture can be hard in an organization—especially when you are not in a position of authority. As an organization becomes comfortable with standard ways of operating and resistant to necessary change, you can find yourself in the tough position of implementing things you know are wrong. Get out from under this typical design dilemma. Samantha will show you how to use your design thinking as an asset to win battles where you are the underdog. You’ll learn persuasive techniques that can help you get everyone on board with design that achieves your organization’s goals, and of which you can be proud.

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