Aaron Gustafson


Aaron has been building websites for nearly two decades and has cultivated a love of progressive enhancement and accessibility. He works at Microsoft as a web standards advocate.

He recently published a new edition of his book Adaptive Web Design, which has earned him numerous accolades and honors. When he’s not writing, Aaron is frequently on the road presenting at conferences and running workshops across the globe.

The Features of Highly Effective Forms

Wednesday, 15th – 12:10

Web forms are complex beasts with many moving parts. That’s one of the reasons they're so challenging to build well. In this session, Aaron Gustafson will walk you through the process of creating a form—from planning to production—and give you sage advice for improvement. You’ll learn ways to keep forms focused, how to leverage HTML5 for better user interaction, and a variety of design techniques to enhance forms’ usability. Whether you have one form or a thousand, you’ll leave this session with a much better handle on how to take them from distressing to delightful!

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