Espen Brunborg


Originally from Norway, Espen has spent the majority of his career bridging the gap between traditional graphic design and the internet. He is co-founder and Creative Director of Primate, a small Edinburgh based web agency driven by a love of creativity, curiosity for technology, and a belief that great clients are born from honest relationships.

The Secret Life of Comedy

Tuesday, 14th – 4:40

It has never been easier to make a web site, and our digital toolbox has never been greater. At the same time, we seem more concerned with automating our process and systemising design than with creative thinking and generating ideas. Is web design purely about utility? Is it all about convention? Is it a science? Or is there room for beauty, expression and art?

In this talk, Espen will take a tongue-in-cheek look at the state of web design, explore different creative mindsets, and show how adding a pinch of comedy can make a real difference to the bottom line.

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