Glen Maddern


Glen Maddern is an independent web developer from Melbourne, Australia. He's been working ona number of rad front-end projects, most recently CSS Modules, a project aiming to have a way to emulate local scope and control dependencies in front-end components.

CSS in the Age of Components

Wednesday, 15th – 11:20

Back at the dawn of time, CSS, once of the first standards from the W3C, came along to save us from table based layouts, spacer gifs, and the font tag. And there was much rejoicing.

But fast forward (nearly) 20 years, and we've long since run into some pretty significant limitations of CSS, particularly when building complex reusable components and sophisticated application like experiences.

Along the way, we've tried various approaches to modularising and otherwise thing the complex beast that is CSS, from OOCSS to BEM to SMACSS. Some developers have even abandoned style sheets altogether in favour of inline styles.

To make sense of this increasingly complex landscape, and to shine a light on the way forward, Glen Maddern will look at how modularisation, and local, rather than global CSS might just be the answer.

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