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Kate Kiefer Lee is MailChimp’s Director of Communications and coauthor of the book Nicely Said: Writing for the Web With Style and Purpose (New Riders, 2014). Her team is responsible for MailChimp’s internal and external communications. A former magazine editor, Kate was MailChimp’s first writer and worked on the company’s voice and tone guide as well as its editorial style guide. She has written for publications like Forbes and A List Apart and spoken at writing and design events around the world.

Writing in the Real World

Wednesday, 15th – 10:00

Whether or not you identify as a writer, you probably write every day. Most writing goes unnoticed, but emails, proposals, creative briefs, and blog posts are all meaningful forms of written communication. Developing your writing skills can strengthen your relationships, give you clarity when you need it, and transform your work. In this session, we’ll look at big and small ways to improve your writing.

We’ll talk about how to get past the fear many of us feel at the beginning of a project by reframing the way you think about writing. You’ll learn how to move in stages through the writing process—even on quick projects and short blurbs. We’ll talk about how to communicate your ideas clearly, kindly, and in your voice.

And finally, we’ll throw out the rules you were taught in school and replace them with some practical self-editing tips to make your writing polished and uniquely your own.

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