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Mat Marquis doesn’t care about websites and has beaten Mega Man II on “difficult” without losing a single life. Previously working at Filament Group and the jQuery Mobile team, he's technical editor at A List Apart, Chair of the Responsive Images Community Group, and now works as an Open Web Engineer at Bocoup. He’s probably flipping out about something on Twitter as we speak, as @wilto.

Performance Under Pressure

Wednesday, 15th – 2:30

Look. You’re busy people. You’ve been hearing a lot about the importance of building highly performant websites over the past few years, and there isn’t much there to argue with—not in a vacuum, at least. The trouble is, you and I have plenty of important things to worry about already: flexibility, maintainability, and accessibility, just to name a few. We only have so much time and our clients only have so much budget. Performance can end up an afterthought; an “if we have time at the end of the project” ticket languishing in an issue tracker somewhere, forever.

Well, if you’re performance-minded but strapped for time, I have some good news. It doesn’t have to be a stand-alone phase, and it doesn’t have to be
something we sell to our clients and bosses; it doesn’t have to be a big deal at all, really. We can sneak some minor—and some major—performance improvements into the ways we’re working right now. We can build a faster experience for our users without slowing ourselves down.

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