Stacey Mulcahy


Stacey is a senior technical evangelist with Microsoft, and prior to this lead developer working with a variety of technologies at Brooklyn-based digital agency Big Spaceship. She has worked at Teknision and Fuel Industries in Ottawa, Canada, and IQ Interactive in Atlanta in a variety of technical roles. A technical editor and instructor, Stacey enjoys sharing her love for her work in interactive development. She considers her lack of verbal filter and extreme candor just a small part of her charm. She volunteers much of her time teaching kids how to make games at

Connected Devices In A Connected World

Tuesday, 14th – 2:30

More and more we are being exposed to 'smart' devices that extend the digital experience into a physical one. Whether we buy these devices, or make them ourselves, being able to connect devices, languages and platforms easily is essential to creating an experience. In this session, Stacey will examine a few frameworks and protocols, from microcontrollers to VR, exploring where we are and where we could go.

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