Below you’ll find the schedule for SmashingConf New York 2018. We’ll keep this page regularly updated with all new speakers and sessions, so be sure to keep checking in! Stay updated.

Tuesday, 23rd | Wednesday, 24th

8:30 Doors Open
9:30 Welcome and Intro

The First Minutes of Design

How do you start from nothing but requirements into something tangible? In this session, Dan Mall will explore and expose the nuances of one of the most difficult parts of design: the beginning. Follow along as he shares tips, tricks, and principles he’s learned over his career for overcoming the tyranny of the blank page.

10:40 TBA
11:30 Morning Break

Serverless Functions and Vue.js

Despite the name, Serverless does not mean you’re not using a server, rather, the promise of Serverless is to no longer have to babysit a server. Scaling is done for you, you’re billed only for what you use. In this session, we’ll cover some key use cases for these functions within a Vue.js application: we’ll accept payments with stripe, we’ll gather geolocation data from Google Maps, and more! We’ll make it all work with Vue and Nuxt seamlessly, simplifying how to leverage this paradigm to be a workhorse for your application.


Squeezing Water From Rocks

In this talk, Tim will be looking improving the performance of JavaScript-heavy apps with an emphasis on Vue and React. We’ll dive deep into different tools, patterns and common strategies for fast, performant, and resilient experiences.

13:40 Break Time


Coming soon!

16:00 TBA
16:50 Afternoon break

Designing Progressive Web Apps

If you have a website — particularly one that generates revenue for your organization — you need a Progressive Web App. So where do you begin? How do you decide which features of a Progressive Web App make sense for your users? What tools can make the process easier (or harder)? In this practical session, Jason will guide you through the key design decisions you’ll need to make about your Progressive Web App and how those decisions impact the scope of your project. He'll also teach you how to avoid common pitfalls and help you take full advantage of Progressive Web App technology.

20:30 The Smashing Party!