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Michael Flarup

Michael Flarup

Michael is a Danish designer & entrepreneur. He runs entertainment studio Northplay, Pixelresort and design resource platform Apply Pixels. He’s got a treasure-trove of experience creating his own companies, leading teams of developers and designers and working on countless of succesful products, games and services.

Michael Flarup's Talk

Designing for Augmented Reality

Tuesday, 24th – 11:50

We thought we could port our existing game to an AR experience. We couldn’t. Here’s what happened and everything we learned. In this talk I’ll take the audience through the journey we went on creating our first AR-only experience. Our game Conduct AR! I’ll talk about how many of the assumptions we had going in turned out to be wrong and how we worked to change them in a race to launch alongside ARkit. You’ll learn *What makes AR Special (hint: it’s not what people think) *What the biggest challenges are for AR apps and games *What you need to consider when doing UI in AR *What AR enables us to do right now, and what it doesn’t (but might in the future) It’ll be an explosive, entertaining and visual journey into one of the most exciting frontiers in technology today.